Counseling Cell

What is counseling?

Counseling is an interactive process which facilitates meaningful understanding of self and environment and results in establishment and or clarification of goals and values for future behavior.

Need for counseling in school

School plays an important role in child’s overall development. Besides scholastic development, child needs some extra inputs in other domains of development like emotional, social and moral. Counselor gives those expert inputs to the child.

Counseling Approach

Counseling has two approaches – Developmental and curative.
Developmental approach helps to the child in development of various skills like expression skills, coping with stress, well adjustment, social skills, study skills etc.
Curative approach helps the child to cope up with his problems in day to day life like adjustment problems, academic problems etc.


Counseling facilities available in our school –

  • Intelligence assessment
  • Pre assessment of basic concepts for identification of learning difficulties.
  • Aptitude testing for 10th std students.
  • Lectures on various topics of personality development.
  • Workshops for parents regarding guidelines on parenting issues.