Teaching is a skill. It is need based and learner centered process. It initiates various values. Here in BSM we encourage the group work and pair work among students. It ensures interactive participation of children.

We motivate children for doing hands on activities. Project method is utmost important in the pre-primary section.

Teaching for preprimary children is based on the detailed web planning of a particular topic. Each topic is planned with consideration of 360 0 overview. Mathematical skills, scientific attitude, various human Values, information and lot of games are interlinked with each every topic.

Creative Activities are always motivated. Introduction of patterns, letters, phonic sounds, numbers, phonic word, sight words, sentence formation and reading practice are the areas where our teachers really put the efforts in.
Especially for phonics, pre-primary section teachers conduct the orientation workshop for BSM parents.

Planning is done skillfully for appropriate learning experiences. The activities are distributed over the year in such a manner as to maintain the balance between active and quiet activities. We follow the innovative teaching methods for developing socialization skills in students.

Resourceful teaching technique complements and empowers the overall teaching learning process. Teachers are the facilitators and students are motivated as well as mentored through the process of project based learning and variety of hands on activities.

Use of teaching aids like charts, library reference books and personal internet-based screen-search is common. Added tools are the PowerPoint presentations by the school teachers. Special attention is given to train the students who require one to one interface.

In this way our school manages and then goes way beyond conventional education into the training and induction of the students so as to make them trust in their abilities to face the challenges in the world. Children become confident and dynamic in their future which is today’s need.