Guru Pournima

This festival commemorates the importance of spiritual Gurus and Teachers as thousand of students all over India thank their ‘Gurus’ for enlightenment.
Our Mother is our first guru. She not only brings us into this world but also teaches us the skills of survival. This guru (aai) means a world for a child for all his/her life. Here at BSM the Sr.KG children facilitated their mothers by performing Matrupuja and a program was conducted at our school auditorium where Sr.KG teachers performed skits from Puranas and our history.
Stories of Guru, shishya the focused Arjun,Shivaji maharaj and his guru Dadoji Kondadev,Arjun and his guru Dronacharya, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and his mother Jija bai. Teachers also explained the importance of protecting mother earth from the growing soil and water pollution.Teachers and children pledged to make India Palstic free. These skits highlighted the importance of a mother as a guru and a teacher in our life.