TEACHING – LEARNING PROCESS of Secondary Section :

Teaching is a skill. It is learner centered process. It initiates various values. In BSM, we encourage the group work and pair work among students. It ensures interactive participation of learners.

    We motivate children for doing the things by project Method. Projects help in time-bound deliverable results. Also, project activities enhance the team-work. Here, students learn to listen, accept, tolerate and be patient.

    We follow the innovative teaching method i.e. constructivism.  Teaching by constructivism complements and empowers the above mentioned project Method. Teachers are the facilitators while students are motivated and mentored through the process of personalized experience-based learning.

    Use of teaching aids like charts, maps, library reference books and personal internet-based screen-search is common.

    LCD projector is available in the seminar hall. Thus, PowerPoint presentation by the school teachers and students on difficult topics is the added tool.

     Also we give positive reinforcement to the teachers and students so that they can conduct

  • Pilot study based on various action research based topics.
  • Field visits under expert guidance and mentoring.
  • Personal-overview to visualize problems which are associated  with the society and the environment,
  • Generation of leadership to invite and initiate core-team-work.


     The school has been consciously participating in the societal commitments-

  • Field participation in STOP TREE CUTTING drives initiative to save trees in the City to develop in the students a consciousness and responsibility towards environment.
  • Help to certain rural schools -
    1. Give and take of grammar skills and Art & Craft work.
    2. Teachers and students exchanged the know-how of science practical for students of class IX & X.


    • Civics curriculum development Master’s trainer workshop at Trinity college.
    • 4 Rivers 1 World project: - River-Water Testing field-trips to Mula and Mutha Rivers with La-Motte water testing kits and Study and Reporting of Causes and Remedies of River Pollution.
      • Done in collaboration with IEARN (International Education and Resource Network).
      • Involved student and teachers exchange amongst India, USA, Bangladesh and Nepal students and teachers with visits to NY.
      • Attended Youth conference at Japan.

In this way our school manages and then goes way beyond conventional syllabus based education.  We try our level best to train our students to be an alert young responsible citizen so that

  • They are able to gather the details of the changing reality around them
  • They initiate updating themselves with the changes in the world.
  • They trust their abilities to face the challenges.