Teaching is need based and learner centered process. It initiates various values. In BSM we encourage the group work and pair work among students, especially for primary section children. It ensures interactive participation of learners.

We motivate children for doing the things by project Method. Projects help in time-bound deliverable outcome. Also, project activities enhance the team-work. With the help of projects, students become skilled at listening.  They learn to accept ideas from others. They get used to work in groups.

Here is the web of BSM teaching-learning process.


Use of teaching aids like charts,maps,library reference books and personal internet-based screen-search is common. Added tools are the PowerPoint presentations by the school teachers and students.

 Availability of LCD projector in the seminar hall leads to effective sharing of views with all. 

  Special attention is given to train the students especially those who need remedial help.

In this way our school manages and then goes way beyond conventional syllabus based education into the training and induction of the student to be an alert, thinking young responsible citizen.