Welcome to the new academic year 2019-2020 to one and all !

MES Balshikshan Mandir English medium school SSC result of 2018- 19

  1. Janhavee Panse 99.40%
  2. Sanika Deshpande 98.4%
  3. Gargee Dorle 98 %

Std. X : Felicitation Programme

The  felicitation proamme of std X and XII is one of the awaited programmes of this year this programme was held on 24 th june '19 in
MES auditorium .

Chief guest was Scientist Dr.Arvind Natu,of IISER Other dignitaries of M.E. Society  Shri Rajeev Sahasrabuddhe,Shri Anand Kulkarni, Dr.Shri Bharat Vhankate, Dr santosh Deshpande, ,graced the occasion with their presence.
BSM achieved 100% result in the SSC exam yet another year !

174 appeared for the ssc exam Over all Result

  • 90 % and Above  86
  • 80 % and Above 43
  • 70 % and Above 29
  • 60 % and Above 12
  • 50 % and Above 4

Field Trip

As part of the syllabus Std X students of MES Balshikshan Mandir English Medium School were taken to Sinhagad fort for field visit on 14 th June 2019 at around 10.30 am.Students were asked to observe the route till the fort and on the way gather the information as follows:-
  • vegetation
  • Baby canal near khadakwasla dam
  • soil color
  • Naval AcademyTtime required to reach the destiny
  • Distance covered
  • Life sytle of people staying on the fort, their means of Transport,thier eating habits
  • Vegetation on the fort
  • Important places on the fort finding pH of the Water from dev taki located at the fort

Students had food over thei and returned back to school around 3 pm It was a great learning experience for the students .They were accompanied and guided by their headmistress Mrs Geetanjali Bodhankar ,who is also their Geography teacher and other teachers too.

21 June 2019 (International Yoga Day)

on 21 st June" international yoga day" was celebrated in the school by practicing yoga sessions in the morning for morning shift students and in the evening for noon shift students.

Students from std V till Std X were taken to the ground for practising yog asanas.

Students performed various asanas and pranayam under the gidance of their sports teachers.

The importance of practicing Yoga every day and the reason for selecting this day as international yoga day ,were explained to them by Chief guest ,Mr. Manojkumar Sali  (ME Society)and their headmistress Mrs.Geetanjali Bodhankar.

School Elections 2019-20

In Balshikshan Mandir ,every year elections are held for the post of head boy / girl ,prefects ,house captains.This is like a government of students ,for the students ,by the students. These students as per thir hiererchy work for the students and school uhder the guidance of thier house teachers.

Teachers are also alloted PT house like students.these students are asssinged various duties like managing students while assembly, managing discipline,checking of hair cut ,nails cut etc. This is to make all students aware of the Democracy in our country,right to voting, discipline,to develop leadership qualities, sense of responsibility in them.The contestants addressed the students during school assembly and also showed their symbol.The oath Taking ceremony was conducted on 28 th June

following are the results

  • Head girl ( morning shift) – Sajiri Kamat
  • Head Boy (afternoon shift) – Vedant Dhore
  • Vice prefect Boy Shaunak Thorat (Morning shift)
  • Vice prefect Girl (Morning shift) Swara Nagarkar
  • Vice prefect Boy Ojas Joshi(Afternoon shift)
  • Vice prefect Girl Radha Waman (Afternon shift)

Traffic Abhiyan Programme

Healthy Tiffin

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Keep this in mind a Healthy tiffin menu has been decided for all the students according to the day.

Favourite Healthy Tiffins of students on Friday ...best day of the week without constraints

Sr.No. Day Nutrient Dishes


(Green Day)

Iron/ Vitamins
  • Leafy vegetable and chapat
  • Palak Paratha/ Methi Paratha
  • Veg. Cutlets /Green Saladsi


(Soya Day)

  • Mataki /Soya usal/ Sprout Bhel
  • Toffu curry and Roti


(Milk Day)

  • Brown bread sandwich
  • Any vegetable and chapati and curd
  • Paneer Sabji and parathas


(Rice Day)

  • Pulav or Fried rice
  • Idli or dosa and Green Salad
  • Potato Cutlets


(Kids Favourite)

Multi Nutrients
  • Fruit salad / dry bhel
  • Puri and Shrikhand
  • Upama / Shabudana Khichadi


(Kids Favourite)

Multi Nutrients
  • Handmade snacks(chips,chakli etc.)
  • Sandwiches,Cake, Pastries or Biscuits
  • Bread rolls,Pohe ,Laddu

Nav Bharat Nirman Abhiyan

On 9/9/2017 a picture exhibition was organised by Ministry Of Directorate of Audio Visual Publicity at Harshal hall. The main objective behind the programme was to inspire today's youth and students who would be the pillars of democracy in the years to come.

Nearly 250 students of Balshokshan Mandir English Medium school along 10 Teachers attended the programme.A picture Exhibition revealing India History before and after independance was the main attraction for the students.Shri Prakashji Jawadekar Honourable Union Minister, Human Resource and Development was the chief guest of the programme. He administered an oath to all who were present for creating New India ,for Swatchh Bharaaat ,for eradication of Poverty ,Corruption,Terrorism ,Fanaticism and Casteism .The programme conduted with recitation of National Anthem

Students with SWAYAM TEAM

Best Teacher Award

On 10th August Mrs. Geetanjali Bodhanakar Madam received the Best Teacher award by Gurukul Prathisthan

Dine and Shine Annual Feast- Class 5th

All 4 divisions of 5th std.njoyed alot .Beautiful decoration ,teamwork,nice creativity .....

Dine and Shine Annual Feast- Class 6th

6th std. with XB Students as caretakers. Best theme was Pangat and Candle Light

Dine and Shine Annual Feast- Class 9th

Dine and Shine Annual Feast- Class 7th

Dine and Shine Annual Feast- Class 8th

Best Theme was Village theme

Vidyavrat Sanskar -Morning Shift

Vidyavrat Sanskar -Afternoon Shift

26th Jan 2017