This year wil be observed as a `Music Year’, by the Primary Section. Many activities related to music, will be conducted during this year. The school has the aim to show the importance of music in the curriculum of the school as it has in our life. The music has the positive impact  in the mind set up of students and in their learning process. Many activities will be conducted in which  the aim of `Learning through Music’, will be achieved.

Welcome to Ist Std.

Children enter in the new world , when the school starts after a long vacation, for the new academic year. They are eager to meet their friends again, to see their new teachers and of course, their new class room. The students coming in the primary section from the nursery are more sensitive in this regard. So a warm welcome given by their teachers, make them more secure and happy.

So on 17 June, 2019 the students of Standard I, were given a warm welcome by our Honorable headmistress Mrs.Manjusha Durve madam and the class teachers.

International Yoga Day

School Election 2019-20

The School elections were held on 21st June 2019

Oath Taking Ceremony

In Balshikshan Mandir ,every year elections are held for the post of head boy / girl ,prefects ,house captains.This is like a government of students ,for the students ,by the students. These students as per thir hiererchy work for the students and school uhder the guidance of thier house teachers.

Teachers are also alloted PT house like students.these students are asssinged various duties like managing students while assembly, managing discipline,checking of hair cut ,nails cut etc. This is to make all students aware of the Democracy in our country,right to voting, discipline,to develop leadership qualities, sense of responsibility in them.The contestants addressed the students during school assembly and also showed their symbol.The oath Taking ceremony was conducted on 28 th June

following are the results

  • Head girl ( morning shift) – Sajiri Kamat
  • Head Boy (afternoon shift) – Vedant Dhore
  • Vice prefect Boy Shaunak Thorat (Morning shift)
  • Vice prefect Girl (Morning shift) Swara Nagarkar
  • Vice prefect Boy Ojas Joshi(Afternoon shift)
  • Vice prefect Girl Radha Waman (Afternon shift)

Art Exhibition ' Elan '

Art Exhibition ~ Elan ‘ was held in our school, on 16 February , 2019.  The purpose of the exhibition was to display the different articrafts , drawings, models made by students. The hidden artistic qualities of the students were revealed   through   this exhibition .
The chief guests of this exhibition were Mr. Dhananjay  Sasatkar,  Senior professor of Abhinav Art College and  Mr. Kumar Gokhale,  well known Graphic Designer.  The members of M E Society were also present   for this exhibition.

The theme of this academic year was `Bridge.’ So different  models of Bridges, informative charts,  pictures, drawings were displayed  during this exhibition.  The carving made on soaps, coloured pebbles and the articrafts   made  of  `Best out of waste’ were very beautiful and attractive. These articrafts were useful as well.

This  exhibition was held under the guidance of Our headmistress Mrs. Manjusha Durve.

Aashadhi Ekadashi

Every year we celebrate Ashadhi Ekadashi to make children aware of our great traditions like Palkhi, great saints who gave thought of social equality and tried to inculcate moral values.

Some students had come in the attire of those saints and they gave information about their work and preaching.

 Independence Day

Independence day was celebrated in our school in the presence of Retd.Col.Mr. Dhongade . The students who have scored above  90 % in the Academics, were felicitated by the hands of honourable guests .

National Sports Day

29th August, the birth day of Indian Hokey icon Maj.Dhyanchand ,is celebrated as National Sports Day. As on 29th August the school was having holiday, we celebrated it on 28th August. The students were given information about the  vital role played by Maj.Dhyanchand  in hockey. A kabaddi match was taken in the school. The budding star from our school in Riffle shooting  RishimaKanade was present  on this occasion .Rishima  Kanade has scored the highest points in the district level Rifle shooting  competition. She briefed about the hard work  she has done, to achieve the goal.

Nag Panchami Celebration

On the occasion of Nag Panchami ,mehendi competition was taken in our school. In our school all the boys and girls are asked to participated in it. No enrolments are done for this. Along with girls, boys were also  enthusiastic  to draw the mehendi. In some classes , boys ranked first in this competition.

`Swachhata  Abhiyan ‘

2nd October , is the day of Gandhi Jayanti. Gandhiji had always insisted about the cleanliness of our surroundings. On the occasion of this a ` Swachhata Abhiyan ' was conducted , in our school on 3rd October. All the students were actively participated in this activity. They were provided with brooms, dusters etc. The students of I and II standards, were engaged in the cleanliness of their own classrooms. While the students of III and IV standards, made the cleanliness of passage, corridors and staircases along with their classes.

Jal Tarang

This year will be marked as a `Music Year,. The school is emphasizing on the fact that Music help the students to comprehend the topic easily. Our school is also trying to give more exposure about music, musical instruments, various types of songs. So the school has arranged a programme of Mr. Milind Tulankar, renowned Jal Tarang Artist. The main aim of this programme was to acquaint the students and the parents about `Jal Tarang ' musical instrument. The final of elocution competition was taken on this day, the topic of which was again `Various musical instrument.' Tt was a stunning performance by Mr Tulankar. The students, teachers and parents got one amazing experience to hear the Jugalbandi of Jal Tarang and Tabala.

Grain Donation

We have given grain to Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram . All children have brought the food grain from their houses.


A workshop had been conducted by Mrs. Ketaki Kulkarni , regarding 'Behavior problems in students ' .It was very knowledgeable.

Science concept 'Air Occupies Space '

Science concept 'Air Occupies Space ' in std I. It's a play way method . Students also enjoy the sound of Air while filling in and leaving from the balloon.

Oath Taking

After the election, elected candidates took the oath in front of Principal, teachers and all other students regarding their responsibilities and duties. They learn the mannerism and discipline through this oath. This ceremony was conducted on July 5th for Afternoon shift and on 8th July , 2016 for morning shift.

Sports Week

Field Trips

Field trips were arranged in  such a way that the children  were acquainted with their surrounding. To `know our surrounding'  they visited various places in Pune These places were historical monuments, museums, temples and army school . All the students  were enthusiastic to know the history of these places in Pune.

Ganapati Making activity

Children always like to do innovative activities. To give them more exposure to their creativity , a Ganapati Making activity was taken between 22th August to 25th August, 2016. They made an idol of Lord Ganesh, out of the clay. As Lord Ganesh is the God of Wisdom, they were thoroughly involved in this activity. They made the idols of Ganesha sitting in lotus or on mouse etc. All they enjoyed the activity.

Ganapati Festival

Every year we celebrate Ganapati Festival by saying different "Aartis". This helps students to recite the Aartis, Shlokas etc. This year We have given the message of "save nature" by worshiping a tree as a "Ganapati".


Bhondala was celebrated in a cheerful environment on October 7, 2016. Students enjoyed the traditional songs of bhondala.

Dasara Celebration

The celebration of different festivals give awareness about our customs and traditions to the students. In this view every year on the occasion of Dasara we worship Swaraswati idol, different musical instruments, etc. This year by the hands of principal madam a Saraswati Pujan was performed.

Science Exhibition

Every year the day 28th February, is celebrated as a Science day. This year as the school was a centre for HSC exams, we celebrated the Science day on 23rd February, 2017. The theme for this year was `Know your surrounding.” Standard I was allotted Kothrud area, while for Std II, the topic was Pune city. These students visited the different places and were acquainted with those places. For Std III, the topic was Pune District and for Std IV, Maharashtra state. Very innovative and attractive models were submitted by the students.

Through this, they have visited various places individually and got the information about those places.